A Little Catching Up To Do

Man, do I feel like I have a smidge of catching up to do! I meant to blog throughout the entire Holiday Season (Christmas Season, if you prefer), even making my blog more festive by changing the theme. But as you can see, not one post was made in December. And I’m a little sad about it because that was my favorite season of all, next to Fall.

I took a seasonal position at Sephora, working on the weekends, while maintaining my regular job during the week at the dental office. I was definitely tired but managed to power through it, complete with a few break downs. The 2012 Holiday Season wasn’t exactly spent how I had envisioned it, but working the extra hours was well worth it in the end.

Since I just completed my last weekend spent working at Sephora, I can now dedicate my time to catching up on things that were thrown to the side for a while, such as deep cleaning the bathroom, the bedroom, organizing my pile of candle supplies, and lets not forget blogging!

So for starters, today I picked a new theme. How cool are those balloons? (*theme has since been changed*) It reminds me to be a little more whimsical, lighter, and imaginative. This year, I’d like to remember that I once was very imaginative and tap into that again. I’d also like to blog on a more consistent basis, which I’ve spoken about before. Here’s hoping!

Since I couldn’t post during the Holidays, here are some of our favorite Christmas decorations, including the pictures we used for our card! Enjoy and Happy New Year (you can say that even if it’s the 14th, right?)!

Sometimes I think I have a Christmas sickness. When the season is just gearing up, I fall in love with the decorations all over again. This is our 4ft tree that I decorated after getting off of work on Black Friday. Even though we had made a decision to buy a new 6ft tree the next day, it made me feel so much better after a long day just to see our little tree all lit up and decorated.

Our brand new decorated 6ft tree :)

Our brand new decorated 6ft tree :)

To fully appreciate the time having the tree up, while all was quiet and dark, I'd have my oatmeal and coffee in the morning sitting on the floor, and take in the beauty of the lights and ornaments.

To fully appreciate the time having the tree up, while all was quiet and dark, I’d have my oatmeal and coffee in the morning sitting on the floor, and take in the beauty of the lights and ornaments.


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My Fall Summed Up In A Few Instagram Pics

Fall is quickly coming to a close and we’re already decking things out for Christmas (hopefully pictures to come!) Here’s a little peak at Fall through my iPhone and Instagram! I had so much fun capturing the colors this year!

I’ve always admired this tree every Fall by the office with it’s gradient of colors! And I’m always sad to see when they’re gone.

My Fall Red Velvet Cake Pops! Yum! Love the leaf shaped sprinkles, too!

This might actually be poison ivy…It still looks pretty!

I snapped this at a Fall Festival I went to. I miss these leaves! Thankfully the next amazing time of year is here – the Holidays!

One Whole Year for Brandie Sellers: A Girl With A Blog + Giveaway!

This must be a testament to how busy my mind has been recently…I didn’t even notice when my one year anniversary of blogging came up (it was November 15th, if you’re wondering)! Looking back at my posts from a year ago, I feel that as a person I’ve grown and my creativity has definitely been reawakened. I’m not quite me when I’m not being creative in some form! This blog has definitely helped with that process, as well as Pinterest. If not for these two things, there’s a chance I wouldn’t have taken that brave leap to make my candles!

And even if I don’t write daily or even weekly blogs, I appreciate those who continue to come back and check anyway. I wish inspiration flowed more abundantly and I could write daily blogs – that would be fun! I know I personally look forward to a few in my inbox every morning. I don’t know how they do it because it seems like they do it so effortlessly and it’s always something fun or inspirational. Maybe in the upcoming year, we can make it a goal to at least make weekly posts…If you  have any ideas, send them my way!

So I was thinking what could I do to honor my one year as a blogger (I feel like a poser saying that but, hey, we post stuff, right?) and for those who are always checking back for more posts. So I figured I could do a little giveaway with one of my candles!

In my very first real blog post (which you can read here), I mentioned how cozy this time of year can be with a cup of Hot Chocolate and it just so happens that I have a drool-worthy candle that smells just like Hot Chocolate!

Rules to enter the Giveaway: 

  • Be a follower of this blog, Brandie Sellers: A Girl With A Blog
  • “Like” the Abscents Fan page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/abscentsfragrances
  • Comment on this post with one thing you love most about this time of year!

There will only be one winner, and please enter only once. The winner will be selected at random a week from today (November 27th)! This is open to U.S. residents only (not to discriminate, but postage is high! Let’s be real here…And I’m broke)

Good luck and thank you to everyone who continues to stop by!

Let’s Talk About Candles, Man

You may have noticed I have a few different wordpress accounts. And you may have noticed I reblog from them time to time, such as Abscents, dedicated to my candle making (I wanted to try to keep it a separate blog if I ever wanted to make it more professional looking). So if you ever see me reblog about random candle things, don’t worry – it’s me!

I am so extremely excited that I’ve found this hobby/business. There’s something about it that makes me feel like I’m doing something right with myself or going in the right direction. I can’t tell you how many people have come in my direction willing to help out as well or give free advice that I would otherwise have to pay probably hundreds for. Literally, a man who wrote a book on business was able to chat with me about my Etsy site and all the little things I could do to brand myself. I valued every word.  While I still don’t have the income to put those things into practice, I’ll always be thankful for his willingness and passion for steering this little engine that could in the right direction! All of these people are and have been a little gift from above, if I say so myself, as to help carry me along in my candle making journey.

Since launching my Etsy site in September, Abscents has been slowly, yet steadily growing at the same time, and we’re even getting to the point where people are now repurchasing! Repurchasing is huge! That tells me they liked it enough to obviously get it again – and to share with friends, family, and even gift my candles, no less! That’s a huge honor. My biggest mission is to have these be shared with friends and family and to build memories along with these scents, or be reminded of old memories, as fragrance is such a big part of our lives whether we realize it or not.

Making handmade candles is so much fun and I can promise you that hard work and love go into each and every single one! If I’m having a bad day and I start to make a candle, it starts to make me feel better. But not only that, it’s because I make myself change my mood. I don’t want any negative energy going into what I’m making because that’s not the purpose of these candles. I want them to lift moods and help relax, so I might as well be that while I’m making them!

The best part about making them is, of course, the fragrances! They say once you get into this kind of hobby, you’re a fragrance junkie, and it’s so true! When I first started especially, I would comb through all of the sites looking at every category of fragrance there is, drooling over the choices and hidden potential in each one! I was addicted and still am!

Let’s face it – I’m addicted to candle making in general!

Fall Cake Pops

I meant to post this a few weeks ago – what I’m calling my “Fall Cake Pops”. I was so excited about Fall officially arriving, I wanted to celebrate with a fun festive baked good.


I used Red Velvet cake mix, orange and yellow candy wafers, brown ribbon, and the best part – leaf sprinkles!



Of course, you’ll bake the cake as usual, and after it bakes and cools, break the cake into a bowl into small pieces. Add half of your frosting and mix together. Use your ice cream scoop to create the perfect size cake ball (I still managed to add more cake mix creating them too big – lesson learned). Put them in the freezer for 45 minutes. Heat up your candy wafers according to the directions on the package. Insert sticks, roll cake ball in melted candy and sprinkle leaf sprinkles over top. Stick cake pop into foam square to dry.



After they’re done hardening, wrap with cellophane or a bag and secure with brown ribbon. Next step is to enjoy!


My Etsy Shop Is OPEN!!!

I just decided I was going to dive in and open my Etsy shop on a “made to order” basis. I’ll be adding more fragrances as we go along, and will work up to add a fun fancy label once we really get the ball rolling! For now, I’m just going to do this as a hobby and see how it goes! With your help, let’s see what we can make it!

So without further adieu, here’s my shop!  http://www.etsy.com/shop/Abscents


First Vlog in Three Parts

Yes, I ramble a bit. But that’s part of vlogging, people! I get that this isn’t for everyone, either doing a vlog or even watching it. I had to do it in three separate parts (which I’ll explain in the vid), which was a little annoying. BUT let me know if you’d like to see more of these types of things!

ALSO, I apologize for saying “um”, “yeah…”, and whatever other filler words I used…I sound a little ditsy, but I guess I was just trying to figure out what I was going to say as I was saying it while also getting used to filming as well. Yikes. Sorry about that.

This cut off before I could finish what I was saying…and I sound all “like, omg, I go to the mall and stuff, and like…”. Geez…What got left out was that I like going hands-free when I shop. Hopefully that sort of redeems myself…